Nine more sleeps until the journey of a lifetime!
27th February 2017

Through the continued support from the Department of Science and Technology, South Africa’s National Science Festival will celebrate its 21st anniversary event in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape from 8-14 March 2017.

Scifest Africa was established by the Grahamstown Foundation in 1996 to promote the public awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, technology and innovation in South Africa.

Scifest Africa is the largest science festival in Africa, offering a festival of more than 56,000 visitors from Southern Africa, a programme consisting of 65 exhibitions and 706 events, presented by 328 contributors from 76 organisations in South Africa and other countries in 2016.

The theme for Scifest 2017 is "Tour de Science" with reference to the UN declared International Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development. The theme encourages contributors to embark on a journey that explores the milestones, accomplishments, mysteries, discoveries, and the historic and exciting wonders of their field of science.

South African born particle physicist, Dr Claire Lee, will be at Scifest Africa’s 21st anniversary. Lee is currently working on an experiment, in Switzerland, that is a very big, very exclusive project at the Large Hadron Collider designed to find something that is so small that it might not even be there.

Jim Adams, recently retired from NASA, will enthral audiences with his presentation about how the New Horizons space-probe journey to Pluto mission was put together, what it discovered when it arrived at Pluto and what it is still expected to achieve as it hurtles through the Kuiper Belt.

Visitors interested in space exploration also have the opportunity to attend a lecture presented by Dr Lindsay Magnus, Chief Scientist of the Square Kilometre Array in South Africa (SKA SA) describing the life of a radio astronomer in the Karoo or be taken on an exhilarating tour by scientists from the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

With nine more sleeps until the celebration, the festival promises fun for everyone. Come along to meet the Department of Science and Technology’s 2016 Women in Science winners, Dr Muthoni Masinde, Dr Jane Catherine Ngila, Professor Shivani Bhardwaj Mishra and Dr Henrietta Wakuna Langmi. For a chance to catch fantastic events including among others, the Laser Show, Science Picnic in the Park, Science Café, Speed Date a Scientist and the Star Party. Lookout for the electronic programme available on this website or

For more information, contact Thandi Bombi on 046 603 1106 or


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